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Which Amplifer to buy- Roland KC550 or KC880?
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Roland recently came up with its newest keyboard amplifier- KC880. I am thinking about buying it. It’s bit pricey ($995) and bulky (97 lbs), however delivers great power (320 watts).

I am very much looking forward to buy KC880. However, as per user reviews from certain websites (e.g. & others), I am really thinking whether it’s worth buying this. The reviews are “mixed”, eg..

---lots of inputs and outputs (+)
--crystal clear sound (+)
--need bigger wheels (-)
--Roland’s weak attempt at imitating real stereo amp like K4 by Traynor (-)
--Not massive transformers (-)
--it can’t handle aggressive punch, it distorts quickly (-)
--with this amp, you need additional subwoofer (-)

One reviewer’s feedback was to stick to Roland’s KC550 amp (which has less wattage than KC880 but supposedly offers better punch)

I currently own Roland KC350 model and have been satisfied with it. I routine use it to plug-n-play my electronic octopads (Roland SPD20, Handsonic, DR 880 drum machine etc). Perfectly satisfied so far but it has 120 watts power (which is good for small gigs).  I’m looking for adding more “juice” and hence considering the next models such as KC550 or KC880.

I would like to ask if any one has any experiences with KC880 amplifer? Or will I be better off buying KC550, instead?

Thank you in advance.


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Personally, I would recommend you keep you existing KC350, add another one to make a stereo pair (now 240 watts) and add a subwoofer KCW1 (200w) totalling 440watts of power. You will find you can use the eq control to roll off the bass on the KC350’s, making them much more efficient, having to cope with mid range and high range sounds only. The 12” cone in the KC350 is better at mid-range only than the 15” in the KC550. The subwoofer takes care of the bass anyway and you will preceive a much higher output level than normal from you KC350’s as a result. Add to this you can space the KC350’s as far apart as necessary to get the amount of space in your sound you need, and you have a winning combination. I have used this setup for many demonstration evenings, and it works best for me.


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