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Retro: Jupiter-8

If you’re in the business of naming hardware synths, a suitably lofty moniker for your creation is paramount. Think big. In fact, the bigger the better. We’ve seen some grandiose titles through the years, but surely none compare to Jupiter, the name Roland chose to bestow on their biggest – and undoubtedly most collectable – decade-defining polysynth of all time…words: Oz Owen. God complex? Launched in 1981, the Jupiter-8 (or JP-8) is an analogue behemoth that became the pinnacle of Roland’s ‘Roman’ range of synths. In Roman mythology Jupiter was /the/ god. Not just “a” god, but the “king of…


SBTRKT talks gear

SBTRKT (AKA Aaron Jerome) is undoubtedly one of the hottest producers around. DJ, remixer and studio alchemist, SBTRKT won hearts and minds with his eponymous debut album back in 2011, which led him to collaborate with Radiohead, M.I.A., Mark Ronson and Modeselektor to name just a few. Building on the huge success of his debut, last


Musical Youth; ageism in the music biz

Exploring the paradoxical and occasionally hilarious subject of ageism in music. Is it better to burn up than it is to fade away? We debate the best time to climb the Stairway to Heaven. Words: Ed Mitchell.  I recently caught an interview with long dead but eternally brilliant rock journalist Lester Bangs that was shot

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The guitar synth for everyone

With the new Boss SY-300, proper guitar synthesis is back on the agenda; this time through a standard jack cable. Paul White, Editor-in-Chief of Sound on Sound magazine, recalls his first encounter with a Roland guitar synth and explains why he’s so excited about the latest one… My first encounter with a guitar synth was


Shut up and play your guitar

You know you’re in trouble when you spend more time looking at your gear than beating three chords and the truth from it. Too much reverence is leaving good instruments under-employed. It’s time to kick over the pedestal. As Frank Zappa once said: ‘Shut up and play yer guitar.’ And only polish the thing if

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Recording and mixing vocals; the basics

The boom in DAW software means that anyone can start recording vocals at home; you just need a vocalist, a computer, a mic and a little know how. Paul White, editor-in-chief of Sound on Sound magazine shares his tricks and tips for getting it right every time. Vocals are invariably the most important part of


Paying the bills; music and corporate sponsorship

As the industry reboots, corporate endorsements are fast overtaking record contracts as the golden ticket. Is it time you bought into selling out? Corporate. Even the word makes some musicians queasy. Corporate equals suits, ties, bottom-lines, pie-charts and the grasping pursuit of profit over art, truth and beauty, right? Corporate is everything that rock ‘n’


How to get the music press to cover your music

So you’ve got some music that you’re proud of. Your friends and family think you’re amazing, and you’ve even played a few gigs. But how do you take it to the next level and really get your music out there? Infiltrating the music press can be a headache for new bands – but follow these

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What types of piano are available?

Although it seems like more when you’re browsing, there are essentially four different types of piano available; portable, upright, stage and grand. The main difference is in their size – whether you live in a compact apartment or a spacious mansion a, digital piano will fill your home with sound. You just need to find

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Choosing between an acoustic or digital piano

When it comes to choosing a piano, first decide on whether you want an acoustic piano or a digital piano. There are advantages to both, but sales of digital pianos are increasing as they offer many practical benefits over their acoustic counterparts, which means they are more suitable for modern lifestyles. Upright Digital Pianos Let’s

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5 Reasons Why the TD-1K is the best Electronic Drum Kit For Beginners

Have you always wanted to play the drums, but haven’t taken the plunge yet because of concerns about noise, setup space, or cost? If so, you should really reconsider—the recently released Roland TD-1K makes getting into drumming practical, cost-effective, and most of all, fun. As the new entry-level member of the mighty V-Drums lineup, this